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Buy & Gift Miles

Need a few more Miles to book an Award ticket? Or simply want to do something nice for a friend or family member? Flying Blue enables you to buy Miles for yourself and others.

Buy the Miles you need

Calculate the number of Miles you need for your dream trip using our Miles calculator.
You can buy Award Miles in units of 2,000 Miles.
  • Flying Blue Ivory members can buy up to 40,000 Miles per calendar year.
  • Flying Blue Silver, Gold and Platinum members can buy an unlimited number of Miles.

Give Miles as a gift

Your Miles unlock a number of benefits: share these benefits with friends and family! You can give up to 40,000 Miles to the person or persons of your choice. Don’t know their Flying Blue card number? Simply provide us with their e-mail address and we will make sure they receive your gift! You can also give Miles to someone who is not yet a Flying Blue member. They will receive their Miles as soon as they join.
Did you receive an Award Miles gift?
To add these Miles to your account, simply use the confidential personal code included in the e-mail notification you received.