Sample our healthy, delicious and organic products, all while sipping your favorite beverage, above the clouds or with a view of the sea. Or use your flight to reenergize yourself! Vitamin-filled smoothies made of 100% fruit await you.
Inflight services in the Economy cabin

Liberté, Egalité, Cheese Soufflé

In the Economy cabin, we offer a hot towel (oshibori) before the meal. Then you can enjoy a traditional French meal: 3-course, delicious and free of charge!
A range of drinks and wines, selected by Paolo Basso (named the world's top sommelier in 2013) will accompany your meal.

Meals and culinary delights

There are some extra perks in the Premium Economy cabin: we'll welcome you with a glass of champagne or fresh fruit juice, borrowed from the Business cabin, but… Don't tell anyone!
The appetizer and dessert are also inspired by the Business cabin meals. One more reason to indulge!
In-flight services in the Premium Economy cabin

Want more?

In the Economy and Premium Economy cabins, enjoy our in-flight menu: a wide range of sweet or savory snacks, tapas, cheeseburgers*, veggie sandwiches*, organic fruit compote, Häagen-Dazs ice cream*… You can treat yourself whenever you like during your flight.
Aperitif, anyone? The Joon bar serves cocktails, smoothies or organic wines of the highest quality. There's even champagne and baobab juice! Looking for more choice? Try one of our A la Carte menus.

Michelin-starred chefs for exceptional meals

Welcome to the Business cabin! Your journey begins with a glass of champagne or fruit juice.
For an aperitif, try one of our exclusive cocktails, concocted by the Experimental Cocktail Club.
Then, prepare yourself for a true fine dining experience: a delicious appetizer, a choice between 4 hot meals, 2 of which have been created by top Michelin-starred chefs, a selection of cheeses, desserts, hot drinks, digestive liqueurs… And finally, wines chosen by Paolo Basso will accompany and enhance your meal.
Cocktails in the Business cabin

Our A la Carte Meals

If you'd like to customize your Business cabin advantages, why not order one of our 6 A la Carte meals, free of charge? Available up until 24 hours before departure.

* Available on flights leaving from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport

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