Antananarivo: nickname ‘Tana'

Antananarivo: nickname ‘Tana'

In the local language, the capital of Madagascar is the 'City of Thousands'. The beating heart of the country, it has an unmistakable charm.

Nestled on the central highlands, in the mythical region of Imerina best known for its sacred and historical hills, Antananarivo immediately pleases its visitors. With an elevation of 1,000 to 1,500 metres, the city has a multitude of reliefs, offering a varied and colourful landscape. Defined as the economic and political centre of the country, the capital has evolved in recent years.

A city in perpetual motion, visitors and businesspeople here are spoiled for choice among the long list of quality hotels, bars, and restaurants. Travellers can enjoy the sublime scenery of the surroundings and authentic attractions, while enjoying the warm and friendly welcome of the locals. Do not miss a walk down Independence Avenue, a visit to the Isoraka district, an exploration of the Akamasoa neighbourhood, or an immersion in the exceptional view from the Queen's Palace.

Regional Tourism Office
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Escalier Ravanalona-Antaninarenina
Antananarivo 101

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