At Casa de Los Geranios, Ecuadorian specialities take centre stage

At Casa de Los Geranios, Ecuadorian specialities take centre stage

In the famous La Ronda neighbourhood, at the heart of Quito's historic centre, Casa de Los Geranios parts with tourist traps and instead offers quality typical dishes.

Red geraniums growing in flowerpots hang on the window railings of this historic and colourful building located in La Ronda neighbourhood. The restaurant within these walls was therefore quite aptly named Casa de Los Geranios (“House of Geraniums”). Emblematic of Quito, the plant also adorns the inner courtyard. The decoration of the stone walls in this old house of typically Spanish colonial style provides another nod to tradition, which is also found on the menu.
Taste local specialities to your heart's content: grilled cuy (guinea pig) with a peanut sauce, or the lomo especial, an impressive slice of beef covered in ham and cheese and served with lentils. However, the one dish that truly cemented the restaurant's reputation remains its emblematic soup. Made of potatoes, fresh cheese and avocado, it is flambéed in front of you, in its wrought iron pot. A show in itself that finds resonance with the flavours that will totally delight you.

La Casa de Los Geranios
Morales OE1-134 y Guayaquil
Barrio La Ronda
Quito 170130

+593 (0)2 295 6035

Menu: around 28 USD