At L'Escargot 1903, bistronomy is in the spotlight

bistronomic cuisine - terrace
At L'Escargot 1903, bistronomy is in the spotlight

Sometimes, one has to go beyond the gates of Paris to discover chic bistros that are more Parisian than the Parisians.

A short walk from La Défense, the former tavern of the city of Puteaux, L'Escargot 1903, was completely revamped a few years ago. Behind this radical makeover is Yannick Tranchant, who started out as a pastry chef and is self-taught. Not that this prevented him from doing a masterful turn at the Sheraton Roissy and La Grande Cascade. Smiling and full of enthusiasm, the chef offers a flavourful cuisine with a light refined touch. The market-based menu changes according to the seasons. You will be able to taste fish like cod served with season vegetables, pomelos and shells, or meats like beef cooked with caramelised onions, polenta fries and gravy. On sunny days, relish a dessert on the small terrace adjoining the restaurant or enjoy a cocktail, sunglasses on your nose, like a true Parisian.

L'Escargot 1903
94 rue Sadi Carnot
92800 Puteaux

+33 (0)1 47 75 03 66

Menu: from 35 EUR