Buea Mountain Hotel: a country lodge

Buea Mountain Hotel: a country lodge

In Buea, at the foot of a volcano, this hotel has old-fashioned British charm and encourages a break at the edge of the pool.

Knowing the English taste for climbing and hiking, it is not surprising that the British colonial administration built this establishment in 1952. In fact, it has retained a very 1950s aura, with an ounce of military style and makes one think more of a motel than a traditional hotel. In addition to its proximity to the volcano, its location an hour from Douala makes it a perfect home base, either to relax away from it all, or as a stop on a trip around the country.

The exotic garden and the outdoor pool of Buea Mountain Hotel will allow you to put the two hours spent on the bush taxi ride from Douala behind you. Rooms are comfortable and have everything that you would expect. If you prefer peace and quiet, you can also book one of the 30 small cottages. For dining, the two proposed cuisines, African and international, are both hearty and copious. Remember that they are made to satisfy the valiant hikers of Mount Cameroon!

Buea Mountain Hotel
Federal Quarter

+237 233 32 22 99


Rooms: from 21,590 XAF