Cap Corse, exceptional, breathtaking landscapes

Cap Corse, exceptional, breathtaking landscapes

At the northern extreme of the island, the picturesque Cap Corse peninsula stretches 40 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide, displaying magnificent views of turquoise sea.

Dubbed by the Corsicans 'Isula di isula', the 'island of the island', the Cap Corse is considered one of the most spectacular parts of Corsica.

Visit typical villages with infinite charms, natural, well preserved beaches, intimate bays, and quaint fishing ports. Follow the coast road that runs along the west side. Climb leisurely into the hills towards small towns to enjoy spectacular views of rugged scenery and huge sweeping valleys. You will be able to make out Italy from the end of the Cape. Bask on the east coast in one of the gorgeous sandy coves.

From Bastia to St Florent, passing through the villages of Centuri, Nonza, and Erbalunga, its many romantic walks in the heart of intimate villages and the opportunity for sunbathing breaks on the beautiful beaches of the coast mean that the Cap Corse has everything to seduce for a long stay or for short sunny getaways.

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