Ceru, Levantine cuisine in the spotlight

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Ceru, Levantine cuisine in the spotlight

From classic mezze to barbecued meat, enjoy a gustatory journey east, to the Mediterranean but without ever leaving Soho.

Several cedars of Lebanon, drawn on the walls, set the tone of the restaurant specialised in Levantine cuisine. At Ceru, two steps away from Oxford Circus in Soho, food is inspired by eastern Mediterranean regions with a modern twist. The menu offers a series of dishes for sharing, from classic mezze to barbecued meat. Comfortably settled in one of the bench seats displaying geometrical patterns and surrounded by colourful Moroccan earthenware, you will keep an eye on the open kitchen as pitas and various Lebanese and Turkish dishes are being prepared. Order a glass of wine from the Eastern Mediterranean area, or a homemade lemonade to wait for your meal. You will then be fully ready to enjoy the hammara, a sour red pepper mash with nuts and pomegranates, the shish taouk, a chicken breast marinated in paprika and lemon served with yogurt sauce, or even the grilled halloumi, a Cypriot cheese. End on a sweet note with a honey and cardamom panna cotta, dressed with rose petals, pomegranate and slivered pistachios.

11 D'Arblay Street
London W1F 8DT

+44 20 3195 3002


Menu: around 13 GBP