Cocktail culturel chez Sacripante Art Gallery

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Cocktail culturel chez Sacripante Art Gallery

In the Rione Monti historic district, this hybrid location merges a speakeasy with a contemporary art gallery.

Refined cocktails and modern art are not limited to opening exhibitions anymore: in Rome, the Sacripante Art Gallery plays on this hybrid concept. A former 18th-century convent, it is now a favourite among aesthetes and curious visitors looking for the unexpected. Far from the immaculate white walls of many contemporary art galleries, Sacripante makes fun of the codes, displaying industrial design and baroque furniture worthy of a Prohibition-era American speakeasy. As for the bar section, its old dispensary look, complete with apothecary counter and chemistry vials, harks back to the history of Via Panisperna, where Sacripante is located. The street used to be the address of a famous physics institute where slow neutrons were discovered in 1934. This eclectic feel spreads to the walls, with various lowbrow works on display, an offshoot of surrealist pop and American comic books lead by Robert Williams, Marion Peck and Mark Ryden. Roam the gallery with a glass in hand and maybe indulge in one of Sacripante's many offers: from paintings to furniture, everything is for sale!

Sacripante Art Gallery
Via Panisperna 59
00184 Roma RM

+39 06 4890 3495

Menu: cocktail from 12 EUR