Kødbyen, when Manhattan comes to the Danish capital

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Kødbyen, when Manhattan comes to the Danish capital

Where butchers once ran their businesses now lies a myriad of trendy places, where you can hop from one to the next, day and night, to discover underground Copenhagen...

In the Vesterbro district, divided into three distinct zones according to the dominant white, grey or brown-coloured buildings, the Kødbyen area was still reserved for butchers selling livestock and cold cuts in the 17th century.

While its name and history are inspired by the most fashionable neighbourhood of New York (it is also known as the Meatpacking district in the English-speaking world), the atmosphere in Kødbyen is quite similar as well. In 2005, after a decision from the city council to avoid the area becoming a ghost town, a plethora of galleries, cafes, bars, clubs and other arty addresses set up shop.

There you will find trendy Danish and international nightlife each evening, dine in fabulous restaurants and sip cocktails created by experienced mixologists. During the summer, mingle with hipsters who gather to shop at the local organic produce market. A friendly and trendy atmosphere that makes it a hotspot of the Danish avant-garde.

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