Do not be afraid: the great Tian Tan Buddha will protect you

Do not be afraid: the great Tian Tan Buddha will protect you

Buddhist art can change your life.

You will find it after climbing up the wooded hill of Ngong Ping plateau, where three monks in the early 20th century founded a humble home, now named the Po Lin Monastery. It is also known as the Monastery of 'Precious Lotus'.

The Tian Tan Buddha, or “Big Buddha Temple of Heaven”, was built here in 1993, proof of the continued vitality of Chinese spirituality. Looking toward Beijing, it sits on a throne of lotus, the Buddhist symbol of purity. Climb the 260 stairs that lead up to him from the monastery to get a closer look at his throne and some of the 220 bronze pieces that it is made from. Then go back down and contemplate it from below.

Take time to experience the serenity that emanates from his person. His right hand raised, palm facing outward, fingers extended upward, indicates the absence of fear and the presence of protection. It transmits the tranquillity of the Buddha to those who will receive it. For more earthly pleasures, the monastery's vegetarian restaurant prepares delicious dishes.

Tian Tan Buddha
Ngong Ping
Lantau Island
Outlying Islands

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