Domaine de la Bégude, between history, oenology and gastronomy

Domaine de la Bégude, between history, oenology and gastronomy

A Rabelaisian stopover in a paradise of organic farming, home to one of the great wines of Bandol.

A historic spot perched 400 metres above sea level, facing the sea and swept by the mistral wind, the Domaine de la Bégude property spreads over 500 hectares, including 17 hectares of vines. The Tari family's respect for nature is as celebrated as its Bandol wine, and their land produces some of the best organic produce in France.

Built on the site of a medieval manor, the estate added a vineyard, olive grove, and winery in the 18th century. The cellar is a 7th century chapel. In 1996, Guillaume and Soledad Tari reawakened this sleeping beauty, reopening the farm and restoring the older buildings. The Domaine de la Bégude is a magical destination and the perfect place for nature lovers. It offers special events, quad drives, walks, wine initiations, and visits to the winery and olive grove.

You will live a moment out of time, sleeping in the gorgeous guest rooms and sampling Sabine's locavore cuisine wild boars, partridges, pheasants, woodcocks, and completely organic produce. But the most memorable part of your stay could very well be your first sip of the Domaine's sublime Bandol wine.

Domaine de la Bégude
Route des Garrigues
83330 Le Castellet

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