Doual'art: the headquarters of urbanites

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Doual'art: the headquarters of urbanites

When in Douala, don't miss the opportunity of supporting contemporary artists at this centre's exhibits and lectures.

Doual'art is the only volunteer-run centre in Douala dedicated to modern art. Housed in a wing of the old pagoda, it has a garden café where you can enjoy a tea or iced lemonade in the dry season. Exhibitions are regularly scheduled here, but the team also promotes a contemporary urban culture and the preservation of the historical heritage of the city.

This is a place that will make you see the city differently, not just as a commercial hub. To introduce you to culture in the Cameroonian style with international ambitions, come and discover Colonne Pascale by Pascale Marthine Tayou, Pirogue Céleste by Hervé Youmbi, l'Arbre à Palabres by Frederick Keiff or Borne-Fontaine by Daniele Diwouta-Kotto. The latter is one of the Douala architects most committed to African architectural innovation

87, place du Gouvernement

+237 233 43 32 59