Douala: the Museum of the sea and rivers

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Douala: the Museum of the sea and rivers

Douala is the top Cameroonian port. It makes sense that this commercial capital would have a museum tracing its history and that of maritime trade.

After having been ravaged by fire, this museum has just re-opened and is the pride of Douala. When you say ‘Cameroon' you say ‘ocean'. Indeed the Portuguese came from the sea, they who gave the country its name. ‘Cameroon' is derived from ‘rio dos camarões', the ‘river of the shrimp' in Portuguese. Shrimp were, and remain, very abundant at the delta of the Wouri River.

The museum traces the history of men of the sea and rivers from the different ports of Cameroon—Douala, Kribi, Limbe—as well as trade with Chad and the Central African Republic. The many exhibits through photographs, paintings, sculptures, maps and videos allow you to better understand the Cameroon landscape and its evolution over the years. You will learn a lot about traditional and modern fishing­­––from the oldest canoes to the current containers, not to mention the brand new exhibits on storms and a marine navigation simulator.

Douala Maritime Museum
Direction Générale du Conseil National des Chargeurs du Cameroun (CNCC)
Rue de l'Hôpital

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