FrouFrou, food to share

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FrouFrou, food to share

On the Square Édouard VII, facing the theatre, FrouFrou makes showbusiness proud.

In a chic and friendly setting designed by Alexis Mabille, Top Chef Juan Arbelaez offers the promise of an elegant and gourmet dinner to be shared. Seafood on one side, with a John Dory cooked in citrusy butter and served with leeks and passion fruit. On the other, meat takes the form of a duck on a bone or a veal hock slowly candied in dried fruit juice. Those who retained a sense of childlike wonder will rather opt for truffle pasta shell with ham. Large dishes are served at the centre of the table, for everybody to help themselves! Sweet teeth will not be able to say no to the pistachio millefeuille, a true delight that is also for sharing. When the clock strikes midnight, the restaurant turns into a festive bar where artists and audience freely come together, cocktails in hand, to best enjoy the premises and live freely until the end of the night.

10 place Édouard VII
75009 Paris

+33 (0)1 47 42 92 55

Menu: around 55 EUR