Gandhi Museum: in an intimate register

Gandhi Museum: in an intimate register

The residence where Mahatma Gandhi lived is now the setting for this moving museum, as well as a memorial where admirers from all over the world come pay their respects.

Commonly called Mani Bhavan here, the little Gandhi museum traces the career of the founding father of independent India with pictures of his youth (childhood and adolescence), period political posters, too-few personal items and, by contrast, a very uplifting correspondence with the great men of his time, whether writers or politicians, like Roosevelt.

His own library contains more than 50,000 books that nourished his philosophy, his politics, and his non-violent struggle for Indian freedom. And, of course, his own reflections on British rule. The presentation of period films completes this short, ‘fast track' learning path, essential to understanding his activism.

On the second floor, we can visit his office and den before, filled with emotion, we head out to the terrace where the colonial police arrested the Mahatma on January 4th, 1932. It was in Mumbai that, on August 8, 1942, he addressed the British with his famous message: ‘Quit India'.

Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya
19, Laburnum Road
Maharashtra 400007

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