Golden Ticket for Chapon et la Chocolaterie

Golden Ticket for Chapon et la Chocolaterie

Notice to all the little Charlie Buckets at heart: Patrice Chapon keeps opening chocolate addresses in the heart of Paris. On your marks, get set, devour!

If Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, could still reveal the peculiar poetry, perhaps it would have allowed for a detour by way of a more sensible Willy Wonka-like chocolate factory sign. Among the rare chocolatiers to roast their cocoa, it has been crafting its mischievous and gourmet creations since 1986. Rush into its unique shop with delightful scents and captivating sweets.

While discovering the plantations and lands of Madagascar, Peru or Venezuela, the chocolatier has decided to unveil the production stages of its brown gold in a new shop located in Paris' 6th arrondissement: on the shelves, chocolate bars, ganache, mousses and pralines crumble on the stalls and drip with malicious tenderness. What will you choose?

Chapon et la Chocolaterie
34, rue Saint-Sulpice
75006 Paris

+33 (0)1 42 39 57 92