Grand cru wines in self-service at 5 Wine Bar

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Grand cru wines in self-service at 5 Wine Bar

Three times wine bar world champion, 5 Wine Bar stands out from all others in Toulouse with its Grand cru self-service concept.

It is the pride and joy of Toulouse and even the entire region. Crowned best wine bar in the world on multiple occasions by the major British magazine The World of Fine Wine, 5 Wine Bar is the only establishment of its kind to have been awarded three years in a row. With over 4,000 references, including 500 by the glass, all wine-producing regions on the globe are present, even though the Toulouse bar remains a strong proponent of local wines, offering various selections by the glass at a low price (to be enjoyed in moderation of course).

Far removed from traditional wine bars, the success of 5 Wine Bar largely holds due to its Grand cru self-service concept. Wine and champagne lovers can fill their glasses directly, depending on their thirst (1.5cl, 4.5cl or 10cl). In the lobby, you simply need to insert a card as if you were at an ATM, and then serve yourself. Rest assured, you are in good hands as seasoned sommeliers are available to guide your choice. Kitchen-side, wines can be accompanied by a few tapas also from small local producers.

5 Wine Bar
5 rue de la Bourse
31000 Toulouse

+33 (0)5 61 38 44 51

Menu: glass from 3 EUR