Helvti Diner: a genuine American diner

Helvti Diner: a genuine American diner

Helvti Diner has the best burgers in Zurich.

Go through the door of Helvti Diner and you'll be forgiven if you feel you've landed on America's mythical Route 66! Open since 2011, this purple and red diner is always packed.

The star item is the burger, which you concoct yourself by choosing the size of the patty, the beef Swiss, Alpine, Angus, or Kobe the type of cheese, and all the fixings. If you still have an appetite unlikely, because the burgers are pretty impressive go for a milkshake, which comes with a good dose of whipped cream, and a cherry on top.

If you're overwhelmed by a craving for a really good burger, this is definitely the place to go.

Helvti Diner
Kasernenstrasse 2
8004 Zurich

+41 (0)43 322 04 24


Menu: from 33 CHF