Imposing and amazing New York in figures

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Imposing and amazing New York in figures

The Big Apple is an amazing and vast international city. Discover this multifaceted city, with its public beaches, street food trucks and wildlife.

One American out of 38 lives in New York city. Aside from the city, it has a very particular charm with its unique culture. The 4,000 street food trucks which crowd its pavements are typical of its way of life. Here the locals come to enjoy hot dogs and burgers while 13,240 yellow taxis patrol the streets. Farther away, the 22 km of public beaches welcome sunbathing aficionados in the summer and brave joggers.

In Central Park, the branches of 250,000 trees stretch out next to the skyscrapers. A real oasis in the heart of the city! Here scientists have identified more than 350 species of birds, such as the northern cardinal and the incredible peregrine falcon. You are in the heart of the New York jungle.