Isalo National Park: the Colorado of Madagascar

exceptional landscapes
Isalo National Park: the Colorado of Madagascar

Isalo National Park is a must! A jewel of a park, it is a geological and natural wonder.

In the south of Madagascar, in the region of Ihorombe, Isalo National Park offers more than 80,000 hectares of rugged sandstone landscapes eroded by time. The small village of Ranohira is the gateway to an exceptional series of natural pools in deep blues with steep canyons, caves nestled in Jurassic stone, desert landscapes, and green oases fed by shimmering waterfalls.

Wandering through these diverse ecosystems, it is not unusual to see lemurs or Benson blackbirds. Among other curiosities, the Sakalava and Bara tombs, and the window of Isalo, a flamboyant natural sculpture at sunset, will further enhance your visit to the 'Malagasy Colorado'. However, be careful not to venture out on your own: on foot or by car, exploring within Isalo National Park must be done with a professional guide.

Isalo National Park
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