Josef marks the end of the main course

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Josef marks the end of the main course

In Zurich's west district, Josef is a restaurant that brings about a revolution in the art of serving meals by combining them at once.

When passing Josef's threshold, you have to forget about the holy starter-main-dessert trinity. The concept of this Zurich restaurant is halfway between a classic establishment and a tapas/mezze bar. The menu offers dishes inspired by the essentials of Swizz gastronomy with a modern twist, all presented in reduced servings: you will therefore have a choice of a four, five and even six-course meal. Plates then rapidly cover wooden tables, stuck together under a pearly and colourful ceiling, watched over by large 1970s black & white pictures.
Create your own combination of dishes or, if you feel like it, try all the flavours on the menu: Onsen egg and leak mash with mushrooms, pistachios and truffle oil, pork belly confit, served with pumpkin mash and string beans, or a roasted char fillet with a braised hot pepper salad and smoked potato cream… Not mentioning the delectable chocolate fondant for a sweet note. Trying everything at once has never been so simple!

Gasometerstrasse 24
8005 Zurich

+41 44 271 65 95 

Menu: around 52 CHF