Kunsthaus: Zurich's most important art museum

Kunsthaus: Zurich's most important art museum

Rich collections ranging from medieval to contemporary await you at the Kunsthaus.

With more than 50 museums, Zurich can lay claim to being an art capital as much as a capital of capitalism. If you were to visit only one museum, make it the Kunsthaus (Museum of Fine Arts), which is among the most famous in Europe.

Its collections, exhibited in bright, airy galleries, include more than 4,000 paintings and sculptures from the Middle Ages to the here and now. Among the masterpieces are those by Flemish painters, such as Rubens, Impressionists like Monet, Manet, Cezanne, and Van Gogh, Nordic expressionists the museum has the largest Edvard Munch collection outside of Norway and modernists like Mondrian, Chagall, and Kandinsky.

An entire room is dedicated to the works of local artist Alberto Giacometti. Plan to spend at least two hours, and keep in mind that admission to the permanent collection is free on Wednesdays.

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