La Zona Rosa: fiesta in Bogotá

La Zona Rosa: fiesta in Bogotá

North of the city, the nightlife district, with all its lights, shines until dawn.

In Bogotá, nightlife is hectic. Only one rule applies throughout the year: dance to exhaustion, from midnight to dawn. It is here that all the most fashionable nightclubs may be found, including El Goce Pagano, which is one of the best places to dance salsa; Salomé Pagana, an institution for learning and progressing; and El Salto del Angel, a rumba disco restaurant bar for partying all night.

A laboratory for all trends, the Zona Rosa resonates in the evening with nightlife rhythms. Whether you love salsa, rumba, or jazz, the choice is vast. But whatever happens, around 8:00 p.m., the music invades the scene, and the party begins. And on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, irresistible music arrangements will get you up from your table. It is highly recommended to book on the weekend, as the Bogotános are out in force, swaying their hips to Latin rhythms until late at night.

El Salto del Angel
Carrera 13 # 93 A – 45

+57 (1) 654 54 55