Le Pim'pi, bistronomic Basque cuisine

bistro - unexpected
Le Pim'pi, bistronomic Basque cuisine

Only five minutes away from Biarrtiz's Grande Plage, Le Pim'pi offers authentic, bistro-style cuisine in which regional products are highlighted.

Behind its bistro-looking red walls, in a small dining room with 30 seats, Le Pim'pi presents an unexpected take on food, far from clichés. In a quiet street of the city centre, far from tourist circuits, the restaurant displays a bistronomic menu that keeps changing but always gives Basque products pride of place. With full transparency, Manu, the chef, even reveals his list of suppliers, all based in the region. As for Fanny, who's in charge of the wine cellar, she will introduce a selection of drinks from the South West that are certain to please hardened enthusiasts. A local Biarritz feel blows on the plates: Pyrenean trout gravlax with beetroot and ash-coated goat cheese, Ibaïama spare ribs, bite-sized grilled octopus and sweet potato mousseline… For dessert, indulge in the dark chocolate and raspberry ganache with Espelette pepper. No frills, the chef goes straight to the essence of food, for a simple, light yet always refined cuisine.

Le Pim'pi
14, avenue de Verdun
64200 Biarritz

+33 (0)5 59 24 12 62


Menu: around 30 EUR