Le Piment, French and Italian flavours in the Caribbean

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Le Piment, French and Italian flavours in the Caribbean

Forget about Saint Martin's specialities and opt for dinner at Le Piment and let your palate wander between French Provence and Italy.

On the village square in Saint Martin's Orient Bay, the terrace of Le Piment restaurant invites you over with dishes more reminiscent of the typical scents of Provence or Tuscany than those of the Caribbean. You will not find a local speciality here, as the chef draws inspiration for his creations from both the culinary traditions of southern France and Italy. On the menu, start with French antipasti, such as the chausson de Saint-Marcellin cheese pastries, or the toast with pan-fried foie gras. It is difficult to make a choice as the menu is so long: depending on your mood, whether you are feeling more French or Italian, choose the fillet of beef with camembert or the risotto with prawns, scallops and chorizo. Unless you are tempted by a pizza instead, for example the famous "Prosciutto", which is a combination of prosciutto ham – a speciality of the province of Parma – Parmesan cheese, basil and black olives. Reservation is highly recommended.

Le Piment
Village square
Orient Bay
97150 Saint-Martin

+590 (0)5 90 52 43 12


Menu: around 22 EUR