Maido: delicious fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine

Maido: delicious fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine

The minimalist decor of Maido is indicative of the rigorous temperament of Mitsuharu Tsumura, the most Peruvian of Japanese chefs.

Before setting up shop in this upscale neighbourhood, Tsumara, symbol of Nikkei success and the son of a Japanese emigrant, earned a culinary diploma at an American university, before taking classes in Tokyo.

There he learned the subtleties of Japanese cuisine, among the most regimented in the world. Back in Lima, he opened Maido, which firmly held the course on authenticity, and became an immediate success. Colourful, rich in flavour, and deliciously sophisticated, the menu is a remarkable symphony that highlights sushi, local seafood, and grilled octopus. Among the delicious pairings are tofu and tomatoes marinated in mirin, monkfish and Creole salad, and also grilled pigeon crispy sushi. The intrepid try the syrupy sweetness of a Qollqe Pisco malt as accompaniment.

Calle San Martin 399 (corner of Calle Colón)
Lima 15074

+51 (0)1 446 2512

Menu: around 390 PEN