Merville Maze, a cultural escape game

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Merville Maze, a cultural escape game

Visitors of all ages will love the myriad of puzzles and thrilling challenges to solve at Melville Castle.

Around 20km from Toulouse, Merville Castle - a superb pink brick building dating back to the early 18th century - towers over the surrounding area. However interesting the building may be, the main attraction is out in the gardens, where pathways lined with vast box hedges cover almost six kilometres of the grounds. Slip inside these green passageways and lose yourself in the biggest boxwood maze in Europe…

In this veritable outdoor escape game, walkers are asked to solve mysteries and complete challenges as they follow one of two routes. The first is “Enigma”, which is themed around inventions and key figures in the history of science like Marie Curie, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and even Bill Gates. Here, you will need to solve puzzles to get past obstacles, water doors and gates, and crack the code to escape the maze.

The other route is “Dédale”, which will take you on a wonderful wander peppered with historical anecdotes about the castle and grounds. Using a combination of a mobile app downloaded on your smartphone and nine interactive terminals along the route, you will get to travel through 250 years of the estate's history, from when it was built by the Marquis de Chalvet and Seneschal of Toulouse until it was handed down to the Marquis de Beaumont du Repaire, the ancestor of the current owners.

During one unforgettable afternoon, the whole family can go back in time and discover the many different histories to this unique place.

Labyrinthe et château de Merville
1175 chemin de Grande Borde
31330 Merville

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