Naked Stables Private Reserve, luxurious ecology

Naked Stables Private Reserve, luxurious ecology

A 2 and 1/2-hour drive from Shanghai, this ecological paradise is a retreat balanced between advanced technology and artisanal craftsmanship.

Since the 1900s, Westerners in Shanghai have gone on holiday in the mountainous Moganshan area to escape the summer heat. The Naked Stables Private Reserve was inspired by these escapes to create an ecological paradise of 30 hectares sequestered among tea plantations and pine trees. The Naked Stables uses solar heating, composts its food scraps, and collects rainwater. But none of that involves you directly. You will stay in rooms with the latest technology, whose design is modelled on African huts.

Barbecue or relax in a Jacuzzi on your beautiful, sizeable terrace. And a large outdoor living room can accommodate family dinners in this idyllic landscape. Activities include swimming, horseback riding, hiking, and cycling on paths lined with bamboo. In the evenings, have dinner at the delicious and inventive organic restaurant, and take advantage of cultural events and craft workshops. In short, here, you are in a haven of luxury and sustainability.

Naked Stables Private Reserve
62 Gao'an Road
Xuhui Qu

+86 (0)21 3401 2288

Rooms: from 3,800 CNY