Relax in the capable hands of the world's best masseuses

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Relax in the capable hands of the world's best masseuses

A veritable art form, Thai massage is an ancient science—and a far cry from the ribald image often associated with it. Here are some tips for finding the most expert practitioners.

The abundance of massage parlours on every street corner is enough to make one understand how massage is essential to the life of the people of Bangkok. Almost everyone here consults his or her Mo Nuad ('doctor of massages') once a week for a healing or relaxation session. Inspired by Indian yogic rituals, Thai massage is based on putting quite intense pressure on different points on the body in order to bring energies into balance. It is difficult to list the best salons, as the practice is common. Check with guides or hotels. Costs are about 300 bahts an hour. For a more focussed treatment, take advantage of a visit to the famous Wat Pho temple to stop at the most famous massage school in the country. Sessions here are 420 bahts an hour. Another option, and for a similar price, is the famous Foundation for the Blind-the visually impaired practitioners are considered the most gifted in the country.

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