Run the Transcal Mobil through the Caledonian landscape

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Run the Transcal Mobil through the Caledonian landscape

The popular Transcal Mobil race happens every year on the first weekend of July. It's an unmissable stop on the trail running circuit, with participants running 50km over two days.

The first Transcal Mobil race (originally called the Transcalédonienne) was run in 1991 across New Caledonia's central mountain range between two of the island's villages. Over the course of two days, trail runners complete a 50km course: 25km on Saturday, and 25km on Sunday.
The Transcal Mobil has also offered family-friendly options for the past few years, with easier 6km, 14km and 25km courses. Groups arrive with their tents from Friday evening onwards to enjoy a friendly start to the weekend together. The location is only disclosed a few weeks in advance. The Transcal Mobil is also a chance for participants to learn more about environmental conservation and explore the wilderness, most of which is fairly inaccessible to the general public during the rest of the year.

Transcal Mobil
10 rue Faustine Bernut
98800 Nouméa

6-7 July 2019

10,000 XPF