Shanghai Circus World: multimedia acrobats

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Shanghai Circus World: multimedia acrobats

This is an amazing show, featuring a fire-eater in his ‘hamster' cage and bikers in large stainless steel balls.

The Chinese love circuses and circus performers have very good reputations. ‘ERA-Intersection of Time' at the Shanghai Circus is excellent. It draws on ancient traditions to create a magical odyssey of multimedia, high-tech, and light and sound effects.

Giant screens boost the acrobatic prowess in the ring. The refined play of light accentuates the dreamlike nature of certain acts, such as the aerial acrobatics of a couple who tell a romantic story with total grace, conveying to us the essence of love through their art. Later, a juggler enters the ring on a life-sized gondola, perched on a rola bola. Fire-eaters and contortionists move through the air in three small cages, resembling those of hamsters, clinging to a large 15-metre wheel set in motion by an acrobat.

For the finale: eight bikers riding at full speed enclosed in a stainless steel ball.

Shanghai Circus World
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