Snack breaks around the world

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Snack breaks around the world

Based on gastronomic traditions and culinary discoveries, all cultures have their own snacks. Take a tour with us as we discover the world's best street food specialities.

Snack breaks around the world

When you arrive in the Chinese capital, do as the locals do and head to the street food district of Wangfujing. While you are there, you should try Beijing residents' favourite snack – yóu yú piàn or dried shredded squid. Quite simply amazing.

On the other side of the globe, the smell of chocolate wafts down Real Grandeza street in Rio de Janeiro. At number 193, you will find Brigadeiros da Pati, a must-visit cake shop where you can try the local snack, brigadeiros, delicious bite-sized chocolate balls with a condensed-milk centre.

In Amsterdam, guilty gluttony is written all over the faces of tourists as they wander through the alleys of Albert Cuyp market. A stall lures you in to try a genuine stroopwafel, a warm waffle filled with caramel syrup oozing with sweetness.

If you prefer a savoury salty treat, head to the Claremont district in Cape Town. The South African city has a new gastronomic experience in store for you at Chops Biltong Bar. Order the country's signature dish, biltongs, pieces of dried, cured beef marinated in a mix of spices. Absolutely divine!

Back to sugary delights next, with Indian gulab jamun. These deep-fried dough balls are soaked in a thick cardamom-flavoured syrup. While you are in Delhi, make sure to stop by Andhra Pradesh Bhavan and try out this snack which Indians just cannot resist.

The more inquisitive amongst you will be raring to go when you arrive in Tokyo. The Japanese just love their iwashi senbei when they go to the cinema or just strolling down the street. These dried caramelised sardines will surprise the most experienced palates.

Our street food tour comes to an end on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Among the idyllic landscapes of Greece, treat yourself to a few loukoumades, doughnuts fried in local olive oil, then drizzled in honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon. You will not taste a combination of flavours like it anywhere else in the world.