St. Paul's Cathedral in Abidjan: a modernist sanctuary

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St. Paul's Cathedral in Abidjan: a modernist sanctuary

Overlooking the Ivorian lagoon coast with its 70-metre high bell tower, Abidjan's St. Paul's Cathedral stuns visitors with its grandeur and impressive architecture.

Its contemporary appearance is a radical departure from the traditional style of other Catholic places of worship. After five years of work, St. Paul's Cathedral in Abidjan was completed in 1985 and has since quickly become one of the emblems of the city, primarily due to its unusual structure. The avant-garde construction, dominated by triangular shapes, plays with symbols, such as that of the Holy Trinity or the tent – a metaphor for hospitality – through the immense concrete veil that covers the summit. On the façade, the walls plunge forwards and are reminiscent of an elephant's tusk pushing down into the ground. However, the most impressive part is the main bell tower, facing the coast. It has the silhouette of a 70-metre high giant who, like an allegory of the African man, seems capable of towing a mountain along. In just a short time, St. Paul's Cathedral, the biggest in the whole of Africa, has managed to well and truly capture the hearts of the people of Abidjan.

St. Paul's Cathedral in Abidjan

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