Tegui, the taste of excellence

Tegui, the taste of excellence

Listed as one of the best 50 restaurants of the entire South American continent, Tegui relies exclusively on quality.

Open in 2009 in the Palermo Viejo neighbourhood, Tegui has been created by famous chef Germán Martitegui as an alternative to his other restaurants: with no recourse to advertising of any sort and a reputation entirely based on flattering word of mouth. Covered in graffiti, the entrance can easily be missed, but pass the threshold and a totally different universe opens up to you.
With 45 seats available, the establishment can satisfy only a few lucky ones. As for the menu, which gets down to the basics, it is akin to the decoration: minimalism is key. In this refined setting, the open kitchen resembles a theatre stage. The Mediterranean-influenced menu offers a selection of five starters and five main courses, renewed every week according to deliveries. From poached oysters – served with an apple jelly and skipjack tuna broth – to the grilled jumbo shrimp and their accompanying corn soup and crispy herb tortillas, local cuisine reaches new heights. During your stay in Buenos Aires, Tegui is an absolute must-try, so do not forget to book your table in advance!

Costa Rica 5852
Buenos Aires

+54 (0)11 4770 9500

Menu: from 3,000 ARS