Terrou-Bi Dakar: five stars and a way of life

Terrou-Bi Dakar: five stars and a way of life

In addition to its first-class location, on the Corniche Ouest, the Terrou-Bi has everything you need in a modern hotel: wood-panelled rooms, crisp cotton sheets, and great views.

The Terrou-Bi is located right on the Atlantic, earning its Wolof name of the ‘wharf'. You say your day in the maze of Dakar was exhausting? The Terrou-Bi is a great place to unwind and cool off. Everything in this luxurious compound has been designed to encourage relaxation. From the casino to the private beach, at Terrou-Bi the day is spent basking under the thatched parasols that border the pool or tasting slices of fresh mango in the shade of a palm tree. Inside, you will find an atmosphere that is spacious, refined, and, above all, air-conditioned. There are five restaurants on the premises as well, so take your pick and enjoy. From your personal balcony, you will see the 40 shades of blue of the Atlantic or smell the fragrant bouquet of tropical gardens that border the hotel. Both are great options!

Terrou-Bi Dakar
Boulevard Martin Luther King
Dakar 1179

+221 33 839 90 39


Rooms: from 112,000 XOF