The Bund: the blazing sun hits the quayand the beach

The Bund: the blazing sun hits the quayand the beach

The Bund whose quay the Shanghainese named Wai Tan, ‘path of foreigners', is a favourite place for going out, especially in the evening.

No, the Bund has no link with Germany, despite its German-sounding name. It comes from a Persian word, chosen by the British, which means ‘dock'. This quay runs past almost a kilometre of majestic Art Deco buildings constructed at the turn of the 20th century by banks and foreign companies that were here to build China's version of Wall Street. The quay has been raised since, so that the Shanghainese and tourists can enjoy the view of bulk carriers and barges going up the Huangpu. In the background stand the gigantic skyscrapers of Pudong, which dwarf the Bund buildings.

Join the locals who like to come hang out here at dusk, especially at weekends, when the sun falls on the Pudong, bathing the stone and marble palaces in a golden glow. And if you go south of the quay, you can admire the spectacle with your feet dangling in the water, or while lying on a sandy beach that was constructed in 2013.

The Bund
Zhongshan East First Road