The Bushman Café Hotel: Abidjan's cultural meeting point

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The Bushman Café Hotel: Abidjan's cultural meeting point

Much more than a café and hotel, this exceptional place is a real melting pot of African culture. Welcome to one of the city's trendiest places to be!

The Bushman Café Hotel, which has become an essential part of Abidjan's scenery since its opening in 2016, is an establishment like no other. This astonishing living space promotes art in all its diverse forms by mixing several styles from all eras in an uncomplicated way. If you're passionate about art, you've come to the right place, as the Bushman Café Hotel exhibits its artwork – paintings, sculptures, as well as handmade furniture – in direct contact with its guests, like a living museum.

Upstairs, eight bright and spacious rooms, with four-poster beds, murals and stone-tiled bathrooms, welcome all lovers of African culture. You can then head to the Wêlé restaurant to sample the chef's Afro-fusion cuisine and quench your thirst with an Ivorian coffee before continuing to the Shakara Lounge for an evening of Afro House. And if you're still looking for that little extra, the space also offers a natural swimming pool, a sauna and a gym where you can even take one-to-one yoga classes.

Bushman Café Hotel

+225 59 49 66 51

Rooms: from 56,000 XOF