The charms of old Quimper

The charms of old Quimper

In the capital of the Cornouaille region of Brittany, which has preserved many of its architectural treasures, the past never seems far away.

The historic city of Quimper is a flaneur's paradise. Stroll the cobblestone streets around the Saint-Corentin Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece built between the 13th and 15th centuries, whose admirable spires peak at 76 metres. Around it, the corbelled and half-timbered houses look exactly as they did in the Middle Ages. This rich architectural heritage won the city the “Ville d'art et d'histoire” award (City of art and history).

To the south is the Rue du Roi Gradlon, named after the legendary king of Brittany who made Quimper his capital. Head from there to the bucolic Quai de l'Odet, filled with flowers. On the other bank is Locmaria, the oldest part of town and the historic centre of the faience ceramics industry, on which much of the city's reputation is based. A visit to the 17th-century HB-Henriot house takes you behind the scenes of this fascinating world.

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