The lemur: national icon

The lemur: national icon

Present throughout the island, lemurs are an attraction for many visitors to Madagascar.

Considered distant cousins of monkeys, lemurs are the most famous animals in the country. Five families of lemurs and dozens of species have been recorded. Among the most important—and the most popular—are the ring-tailed lemur, recognizable, naturally enough, by its long ring-striped tail; the crowned lemur in the north of the island, named for its distinctive crown of coloured hair; and the off-white, black-faced sifaka, which moves about by hopping and can be found in the vast arid forests of the island.

The kings of the country, lemurs are found everywhere on the island. To better observe them, feel free to visit Lemurs' Park, where you will discover nine species living freely in a beautiful five-hectare botanical garden, or go to the famous Ranomafana National Park.

Lemurs' Park
Route Nationale n°1
PK 22, Katsaoka Imerintsiatosika
Route d'Ampefy

+261 33 11 252 59

Lemurs´Park Réserve de lémuriens à 22 km de Tanà Parc botanique