The “Lord of the Sands” in Malabar Hill

The “Lord of the Sands” in Malabar Hill

Take a deep breath in Malabar Hill, a green enclave filled with historic parks and places of pilgrimage, like the famous temple of Walkeshwar.

A stroll through the residential area of Malabar Hill, at the end of Marine Drive, is a must when staying in Mumbai.

The richest people of the city have their residences here because of the magnificent views of the beach at Chowpatty. This airy and fresh area is also full of interesting sights, such as the splendid Jain Temple, close to the hanging garden, and the Kamala Nehru Park, both of which are very restful green spaces. The area also serves as the setting for pilgrimages to the holiest site of the city: the temple of Walkeshwar and Banganga Reservoir, where there are 17 temples surrounding a 14th-century pool.

The Walkeshwar Temple was built here almost 900 years ago and named after Valuka Ishwar (meaning ‘Lord of the Sands'). The Hindu god Ram, in pursuit of the demon Ravana who had abducted his wife Sita, is said to have paused here. Thirsty, he shot an arrow into the sand and brought forth a groundwater source that supplies the famous reservoir.

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