The Oriental Pearl Tower: ascending to the sky

The Oriental Pearl Tower: ascending to the sky

Shanghai gave itself a giant bilboquet-shaped tower at the beginning of a new era for the city.

The Shanghainese are very proud of the Oriental Pearl Tower because it signalled their city's renaissance. Completed in 1994 and measuring 468 metres in height, the tower set the course for the Pudong business district on the banks of the Huangpu Jiang river.

Since then, a forest of skyscrapers has sprouted up. Legend has it that the Oriental Pearl Tower was inspired by a Tang dynasty poem, and that its three spheres of silver and pink represent pearls, while the river at its feet symbolises jade. Climb the third sphere up to 351 metres, and enjoy a unique view of the Bund. At the top, there is a TV antenna. And for lunch or dinner, go down to the rotating panoramic restaurant in the second sphere. At 263 metres, the view remains wonderful, especially in spots where the floor is made out of glass. Back on the ground floor, admire the pink of the tower, magnified by the glare of the sun.

Oriental Pearl Tower
1, Century Avenue

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