Tivoli Gardens: a timeless amusement park

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Tivoli Gardens: a timeless amusement park

The Tivoli Gardens offer hours of amusement and rides, assuring children and adults of a joyful outing.

The Tivoli Gardens are a must for a family stay in Copenhagen and though there are certainly gardens, that is not all that is on offer. As the second oldest amusement park in the world, opened in 1843, it attracts nearly four million visitors each year.

Once inside, the enchantment is total. There is a Ferris Wheel built in 1914, adjacent to a Chinese pagoda and the Moorish facade of Nimb. What emerges from this garden is a quaint charm, close to the world of Jules Verne, always punctuated with laughter and joyous cries, as well as a certain magic. It is not unusual to see a peacock on a path, walking about in total freedom.

Hans Christian Andersen visited here in his time, and it is also in his honour that the 'Flying Suitcases' (Den Flyvende Kuffert) attraction was added to the park. However, you may prefer Norse mythology, in which case the Valhalla Borgen (Fort Valhalla) attraction is for you.

Tivoli Gardens (Københavns Tivoli)
Vesterbrogade 3
1630 København V

+45 33 15 10 01