Too Good for You, flowered cocoon

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Too Good for You, flowered cocoon

The muted and romantic feeling of this colourful bar makes it the perfect location to enjoy a fruity drink in privacy.

Too Good for You is a hidden cafe located in the heart of the lively shopping district of Sathorn. A marble lift will take all the way up to the 8th floor, where you will only have to climb a tiny staircase to reach your destination.
Decoration immediately sets the tone: under the dimmed lights, pink walls are adorned with multiple flower creations. Miniature palm trees are even scattered all over the main area, as the scent of flowers spreads through the whole floor.
Order coffee or tea and it will artistically be served with edible – of course! – flowers. For instance, try the peanut butter coffee with whipped cream, or waffles covered in hot chocolate and melted caramel.
An ideal and very unusual location to stop at for a little snack!

Too Good for You
9/F, Mukda 
78 North Sathorn Road

+66 (0)98 848 2229

Menu: from 125 THB