Upside down at the Museum of Illusions

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Upside down at the Museum of Illusions

Let your imagination soar at this quirky museum in the centre of Paris, where a magical experience awaits every member of the family.

Kids and grown-ups alike will walk out amazed. Unlike its traditional cohorts, this museum, dedicated to the world of illusions, promises a dazzling experience that challenges the senses. Visitors will feel weightless, objects will transform before your eyes and pictures come to life. Has the sky fallen on your head? Some 70 dizzying experiences come one after another, somewhere between optical illusions and science experiment. The only thing you should not do here is believe your own eyes!

Step in front of the holographic portraits and be surprised by the photos that shift and change as you move back and forth. Young ones will love playing with the exhibits that make them look bigger than the grown-ups, like the Beuchet chair, that defies the laws of proportions, or the Adelbert Ames room, which is not quite as square as it looks! Games and brain-teasers will challenge your logic and the way you look at the world. But without a doubt, the highlight of the show is the vortex tunnel, a long, three-dimensional path that feels like it never ends. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the adventure continues at night. Science has never been this fun!

Musée de l'Illusion
98 rue Saint-Denis
75001 Paris

+33 (0)7 66 72 76 40