Follow in architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh's footsteps

Follow in architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh's footsteps

Artist, architect, and designer, this Glasgow native, a true artistic genius, gave birth to the Scottish Art Nouveau movement known as ‘Glasgow Style'.

One of Glasgow's most famous citizens is undoubtedly Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928), main figure of the Scottish Art Nouveau. Very much inspired by Japanese shapes and forms, the architect favoured a sober and practical style. Several of the buildings he designed are still visible in the city centre: the Mackintosh House, the Willow Tea Rooms and the Lighthouse – cultural centre devoted to design and architecture.
One of the first and most important creations of Charles Rennie Mackintosh yet remains the Glasgow School of Art. To make the best of your visit, do not miss the small library where everything, from the shelving to the dark wood chairs, is designed by Mackintosh. Discover an inimitable style, of high quality and fine crafting, making all things Mackintosh first order artistry.

Glasgow School of Art
167 Renfrew Street
Glasgow G3 6RQ

+44 141 353 4500