What is on at the MoMA in New York this new year?

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What is on at the MoMA in New York this new year?

This winter, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), temple of contemporary art, is hosting two extraordinary exhibitions dedicated to two exceptional artists, the sculptor Brâncuși and the all-rounder Bruce Nauman.

What is on at the MoMA in New York this new year?

“Constantin Brâncuși Sculpture” – the shape of revolutionary style

In 1913, when Constantin Brâncuși first exhibited his works on US soil, in New York, the MoMA was not yet in existence. Today, this temple of art pays homage to the Romanian sculptor, who made his career in France, and died in 1957. Photographs, never-before-seen archive documents, films and sketches cast light on over 30 years of sculptures. Eleven of them are being shown together for the very first time. Some of them are only seen by the public on very rare occasions.

This retrospective reveals the individuality of the man. Although rubbing shoulders with the greats of the Parisian art scene at the time – Modigliani, Rodin, Matisse, Le Douanier Rousseau, he never subscribed to any particular genre and made his name by carving directly into blocks of natural materials. Without any preliminary sketches, he carved wood, stone and marble into forms that combined classical lines and modern abstraction all at the same time.

At the exhibition, you can contemplate one of the versions of the appropriately named Endless Column. The repeated motif – a pair of truncated pyramids or a rhomboid, depending on how you look at it – creates a hypnotic effect. Nearby, The Cock (1924) proudly struts its polished-bronze crest and sharp edges, and gives the impression of a strange yet distinctive perfection.

Constantin Brâncuși Sculpture
Until 18 February 2019
Museum of Modern Art
18 West 54 Street, Manhattan
New York 10019
United States of America


What is on at the MoMA in New York this new year?

“Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts” – a process

After the Schaulager Museum in Basel last summer, it is now the turn of the MoMA to host the most comprehensive exhibition of the work of this American artist, born in 1941 in Indiana. Today, Bruce Nauman is an icon of contemporary art and is one of the greatest inspirations for upcoming generations of artists. Both sculptor and video artist, the man has immersed us in the world of creativity for 50 years. He focuses more on the creative process itself than on the aesthetic end-game of the presented and unproduced work.

This exhibition, entitled “Disappearing Acts”, displays in various forms what Bruce Nauman calls “withdrawal as an art form”, a concept where incidents of removal, deflection and concealment are linked through different media. Throughout the exhibition, the artist invites us to understand this notion of omission and loss in the literal and figurative sense. And so, “bodies are fragmented, centres are left empty, voices emanate from hidden speakers and the artist appears only as negative space”. This notion is reflected through sculptures, photos, installations, videos and more. It is an exhibition providing a 360-degree experience, both immersive and metaphysical, right in the heart of New York.

Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts
Until 25 February 2019
22–23 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City
New York 11101
United States of America