Ye Lixiali: an Uighur halal experience

Ye Lixiali: an Uighur halal experience

One of the best lamb dishes in Shanghai is served with homemade yogurt, and accompanied by belly dancers.

Though Shanghai is better at integrating its Muslim minorities than you know, the fact remains that Ye Lixiali is not on the list of restaurants recommended by the hotel concierge. And, therefore, you will find few tourists in this halal restaurant, specialising in the cuisine of the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. Do not be intimidated by the huge door: enter and receive a warm welcome.

The dishes are reminiscent of those of Turkey and the Middle East. Skewers of lamb are served with homemade yoghurt-based sauce. But Ye Lixiali offers many other lamb and mutton dishes, like delicious kidneys, which will appeal to the intrepid. The charm also lies in its private salons, where weddings and parties with belly dancers are regularly celebrated.

Ye Lixiali
Jinzhong Mansion
680, Zhaojiabang Road

+86 (0)21 6466 8388

Menu: around 70 CNY