Zen interlude at Kajazoma Concept

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Zen interlude at Kajazoma Concept

In this atypical and multifunctional space, expect a most original experience, night and day.

Away from the city's bustle, there is a haven of peace that only the most curious know about. Behind a big grey wall, a few banana trees and a small door, you will find one of Cocody's most unusual addresses. Just like a show house, it is arranged with several living areas, from the apatam (typical shed with a roof made of palm tree leaves) to the art gallery, the garden or the small salons scattered around the swimming pool. The decoration is eclectic, with contemporary paintings next to Ashanti stools and Malian masks scattered around waste material, renovated objects and old furniture.

As for the restaurant side, elegant and refined, it conveys a subtle mix of Ivorian, Cameroonian and European influences. Open for both lunch and dinner, it offers spicy sautéed shrimp or a lentil salad with raspberry vinegar for starters. Impossible to resist the fish skewers with pili-pili (red hot peppers) or the duck confit served with yam gratin and cassava sticks. The citrus fruit salad with cinnamon brings the meal to a perfect end.

Note that at Kajazoma Concept, decorative elements are all for sale. A blessing for all lovers of Ivorian culture!

Kajazoma Concept
2, plateaux Boulevard Latrille

+225 22 41 78 62

Menu: around 14,400 XOF