Refund requests

Important refund informations

The refund is subjected to the fare conditions of your ticket.

• For tickets purchased via a travel agency (or on an online travel website) please contact the agency directly.

• The refund information on this page applies only to eligible tickets issued in CANADA. If you purchased your ticket in another country (or another country's website), please refer to the corresponding website. You can access worldwide Air France websites by going to or by clicking on "other countries" atop this webpage.

• For all tickets, please be advised that a cancellation charge may apply depending on the rules applicable to the fare type purchased. You should have been made aware of these rules while purchasing your ticket.

• Please check if Air France has issued your ticket: the ticket number begins with 057. For electronic tickets (most cases) the number appears on your Electronic Ticket Itinerary Receipt and/or Memo Voyage pdf document, which you will have received in your email after purchasing your ticket. In the very rare event of a paper ticket, Air France appears in the upper left-hand corner of the ticket under the mention "issuing carrier". If another airline is mentioned, please submit your refund request to that carrier.

For tickets refunds request made 24h of purchase, please follow the instruction mentioned below under the "Special Case: Ticket refund within 24 hours of purchase" paragraph.

Requesting a ticket refund online

What's the best way to ask for a refund?

The quickest methods (ranked in descending order of speed) for processing refunds are as follows;
1. Online via Review / Modify Your Bookings for tickets eligible to online refund
2. Online via the Online Refund Request Form
3. Fax to Refund office in the UK
4. Mail by post to Refund office in the UK

Requesting a ticket refund online
If you purchase a refundable ticket (with or without penalty) or a non-refundable ticket on then you can request your refund online by going to the Review / Modify Your Bookings page. Please note that for non-refundable tickets, only taxes and surcharges will be refunded.

If several people are included in the same booking file, the refund request applies to all tickets on file, as long as each ticket permits refunds.

You can also submit a refund request online by filling out the form accessible from the link below.

Please note online refunds are not available for Flying Blue award tickets.

Requesting a ticket refund by mail

If you wish to ask for a refund for your tickets, please follow the steps below.

    • If you bought your ticket online on or through the Air France Sales and Service Center

      1. Contact Air France at 1 800 667 2747 to cancel your booking
      2. Submit your refund request to :

      Air France Ticketing & Refund Dept.
      PO Box 854, Brent House
      HA9 1BF

      or by fax: (011) 44 208 782 8113
    • It is important to cancel your booking before applying for a refund. Remember to attach your original issued ticket to your request (unless it is an electronic ticket) along with any supporting documents needed (medical certificate, description of extenuating circumstances meaning you were obliged to cancel, etc.).

  • If you bought your ticket in a travel agency,
    please submit your ticket refund to that same agency, with your original ticket.

Administration charges for refund requests

Administration charges are additional to any cancellation charge that may apply (depending on the rules applicable to the fare type purchased):

- For refunds requested on via Review/Modify my Bookings: Free of charge.
- For refunds requested via the bookings 1 800 667 2747 or online form : $30 administration charge

In all cases, some exceptions may apply.

Special case: Ticket Refund within 24 hours of purchase

If the booking is made on 7 days or more prior to a flight´s departure, you can request your refund within 24 hours of purchase by writing to the following email address:

Include the following important informations:
Subject: Customer First Program
Flight and Date
Booking Number

Once you have submitted your request by email, It is important to contact the booking team to have your itinerary cancelled or you can cancel your itinerary via the "Your booking" option. It is important not to request for a refund via the Online refund standard tool.

Other refund requests


For downgrade fare adjustments, please mail us your original passenger receipt and original boarding card for the flight in question.
Air France Ticketing & Refund Dept.
PO Box 854, Brent House

Denied Boarding Compensation

If you were denied boarding on an Air France flight and given a voucher as compensation, please mail the original coupon marked "coupon exchange" and passenger receipt to our department.
Air France Ticketing & Refund Dept.
PO Box 854, Brent House

Visa refusal

You can request for a refund if you have submitted an application for a visa and the visa was refused. Simply send us the written and valid* proof of the denial.
*Missing documents or short delay are not "valid" reasons for visa refusal. In these 2 cases, the refund will not be granted.
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